Can I get rid of inappropriate ads of women wearing very little?

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    I am seeing inappropriate ads on my blog. I am a third grade teacher and love having students blog and use the site to connect to a variety of other education sites. I am very concerned though that when I logged on today I saw an advertisement of women showing cleavage and very short shorts. As a teacher this is not something I want eight year-old’s to be viewing on their classroom blog. The ads say, “ads not by this site” What do I need to do to fix this?
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    The blog I need help with is



    “Ads not by this site” means that you yourself have enabled those ads. WordPress isn’t putting them on your blog. You have enabled a browser add-on that is putting them on your blog, so disable your browser extensions and then add them back one by one till you see which one is causing the problem.



    And of course, if it is a browser extension, only you are seeing those ads when using your computer.

    timethief collected a list of possible culprit extensions and posted it on her site. See here:



    Raincoaster and Justjennifer thanks for all your help! disabling those ad-ons did the trick!

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