Can I get rid of the “About” blurb below my posts

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    I use the Elegant Grunge theme. If you check any post on my blog, below the main post but above the comments you’ll see “About Drew Jacob” with my picture and blurb. This is not a widget and doesn’t show under any of the theme options.

    Is there a way to remove this without editing the CSS? It’s just one more piece of clutter people have to scroll past to reach the comments.

    The blog I need help with is


    My Account > Edit My Profile – or Users > My Profile: delete the info from the “About you” field, click Update Profile.



    Won’t that also delete it from people hovering over my gravatar? I’m looking to get it off the page, if possible without deleting my profile.


    You can go to and add an “about” section there which will show up with your gravatar.



    Okay, I tried those steps but it doesn’t work. If I delete my profile info the “About” section disappears, but if I add profile info at the “About” section comes right back.

    Any other ideas?


    Sounds like one or the other then. Either no about with the gravatar, or about with the gravatar and with the posts.

    The only other option is if you have some CSS experience you can buy the CSS upgrade and hide it that way.



    I was afraid that might be the answer. Gah… oh well, thank you for the advice.


    You are welcome.

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