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Can I get the eXtended RSS schema?

  1. I'd like to write a converter for going from BlogML to WordPress extended RSS (WXR) and vice versa. This will give users the ability to go from BlogML blogs to wordpress and wordpress users to BlogML.

    For this I need the XML Schema (.xsd or .dtd) which specifies the format used for WordPress WXR. Is this something that can be shared? Thanks.

  2. I would imagine that you should be able to 'break apart' the plugin for wordpress to wordpress conversion. It will have the format that you need as it shows 'what populates' the file. That might be a start I guess!


  3. Tried breaking it apart but had no luck. I'm really looking for the standard schema so that I or anyone else can easily map blog data schemas to and from it.

    This will give blog owners a lot of flexibility in choosing a blogging platform and not being stuck to it.

  4. It just takes data populated from the database into the structure from line 150 onwards!


  5. I would ask on the wp-hackers mailing list. I would not be surprised if the schema has not been codified outside of the WordPress code.

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