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Can I get the sidebar widgets to appear in posts?

  1. I'm using the theme "Black Letterhead" (changed the CSS a lot)and I am wondering how I can get the right sidebar to appaer on the individual posts as well as the main page?

  2. You can put some of the information & content in posts -- links, etc -- but you can't put a widget in a post. What exactly are you trying to do?

    Interesting blog - your foundation does good work.
    (ps - the bagels went up because the cost of wheat is through the roof. Check the price of a bag of flour.)

  3. Thank you for the kind words. I would like to have the sidebar menu appear in every post so that folks who are landing on an individual post can navigate easily to other posts, or to our other presences.

    Would this mean needing to select another wp theme that does have the sidebar in every post? And if I did that would I have to completely re-do the custom CSS I have in place?

  4. Now I understand. Unfortunately, you chose one of the very few themes that does not display the sidebar on individual posts and pages. Your path of least resistance is a new theme, unless you're an expert with CSS.

    Your upgrade is per blog, though, not per theme, so you'd be able to make changes again without any additional cost. You would have to redo them. Each theme has its own, specific stylesheet.

  5. While no expert in CSS I'd still like to try to keep this theme. I'm assuming that there is a way to add this in CSS.

    If anyone reading this knows a way it'd be much appreciated!

  6. I'm not sure CSS can do it - although Sandbox gives you a lot of flexibility. I was using a theme on my self-hosted blog that only displayed the sidebar on the homepage and it was a .php matter to change it.

    Hopefully, someone who knows for sure will be along.

  7. There is no way to add it in CSS. That's part of the underlying coding of the theme and you're stuck with the functionality.

    You might be able to copy the fundamental CSS your changes and use it to make something similar-looking in Sandbox. That's an incredibly flexible theme.

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