Can I get the slider on the header to auto change?

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    I’m using the Fresh & Clean theme, It comes with a slider in the header, and there are 2 changes I want.
    1. have the picture change automatically
    2. I don’t want the pictures to be clickable. Currently, if someone clicks on the image they are taken to the blank page that has the picture set as a featured image. I’d like to set it so if someone clicks on the picture it either changes picture or does nothing at all.


    The blog I need help with is



    1. That’s not possible. The slider does not automatically advance. Visitors have to click to advance it.

    2. After uploading an image into your post or page switch to the Text editor and remove all the code up to here <img class= …..



    Question regarding answer number 2.
    Because it’s on the slider, I don’t see the code on the homepage, and since they are only located on the sticky page as a featured post I don’t any code in the text editor on that page either (it’s possible i wasn’t clear, I don’t the slider image to be clickable.




    Unfortunately, you can’t remove the link through the text editor and they are always clickable. We made them clickable because we believe this helps readers to go to the post rather than only the title being clickable.

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