Can I have a home page that is NOT a blog?

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    WP neophyte here. I thought WP would be “easy”. It isn’t. I wanted my WP to look like a “real ” website. I do not have the time to edit CSS myself. I have already paid for some extra services (video hosting) It’s unclear to me despite all the menu tools /appearance etc, how to change the sections of my site. I want a landing page from whicha visitor can navigate to – an old fashion home page.
    I do not want to land on the blog page but rather a general menu/home page…is this a dumb question? Probably.

    The blog I need help with is



    You can have a static front page. I’m not sure what else you want to do from there and some of it will depend on your theme, i.e. does it support custom menus and so on.

    The Help in your Dashboard is always a good place to start.



    this is what I want to do – please could you say HOW to do this – I’ve already been looking through help for some time




    Amazing what searching on set a static page will turn up in the support section:



    Thank you. I hope Auxclass was not being facetious. Nothing worse than being mocked on a help forum.


    Thanks for the question musivision



    The support documents are your friend – they do a good job with them – the search works fairly well, as does looking back in the support forum, this question shows up every day or two.

    Checking the support documents is quicker than waiting for someone to answer in the forum. I have answered this question so often that my browser remembers the search string, all I needed to do was type in “se” and the string popped up.



    Best not to answer questions you’ve answered so often. Evidently a tedious task. Thanks for your help.



    Some types of blogs such as professional, business, photography and wedding album blogs, etc. may be enhanced by the appearance of a static front page. But have you considered the impacts making the static front page choice may have on the blogs of every day bloggers, who are trying to achieve a good flow of targeted readers and PageRank.

    I believe that prior to making the static home page choice bloggers ought to consider that the primary reason visitors come to blog is to read the most recent posts.Will compelling click through a static welcome page (landing page) each and every time they visit be a piss-off? Could it result in any regular readers/commenters/subscribers in abandoning the blog?

    What I see is beginner bloggers who know next to nothing about blogging but who want their blogs to achieve popularity, backlinks and page ranks choosing to have static front pages based an aesthetics alone.

    There’s no way I will set up a static page on my blogs. I know that search spiders are all over front pages in blogs — that’s where the vast and overwhelming majority of Google juice is because that where the fresh, ever changing dynamic content is.




    Wow do I wish I would have read this advice from you earlier. Only been here a few days but went through the same thing. I was thinking like a website developer not a blogger.

    I spent an enormous amount of time trying to find a way to set up a navigable blog site. I was able to do it with custom menus but in turn found out that with some themes you have to add the custom menu and every time you create a new page you have to customise the menu again. I know some themes do that automatically for child pages but the others don’t.

    Anyway I finally decided after playing around and figuring out about permalinks that a standard blog would be just fine for me and would allow me to keep my theme and not have to worry about creating updated menus.

    Now I realize that I can handle the standards of a blog and still handle the needs of the visitors that want to get around by a list of topics on my blog.

    I will simply create a static page call it topics or something like that and place it on the menu. I will then copy the heading and permalink to this page. Not hard and not time-consuming. Now most will be happy.

    Boy did I waste a lot of time. But hay we all learn from mistakes and mine only cost me time, and I learned early enough before it was a big mess.

    I must check out your blog for more tips.

    Please note that I have not listed my first post yet. Yes it is ready and is actually on a page I converted to a draft but just finishing tidying up.



    You’re welcome. Quite aside from the SEO considerations, it ought to be a rule of thumb that we all place ourselves in the position of a new visitor to our blog and to a regular reader of our blog. A static front page may be welcoming to new visitors but it’s a piss-off to returning readers.

    A WordPress blog can either be structured as a page based website or its conventional post based structure can be retained. That’s why understanding the the differences between posts and pages is key to decision making when selecting a theme, and setting up your blog See here for more on the implications of choosing to have a page structured blog.



    Oops! edit: “and to a regular reader of our blog” was meant to be “in the position of a regular reader of our blog”.

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