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Can I have a post featured in a static page?

  1. I was just wondering if it's possible to have a single post featured on a static page. Currently, I use a static page as my welcome page, and my postings go to a blog page. I was wondering if I can get some content off my blog onto my static page.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Why would you want to do that?

    We can't give you any more specific advice (other than a generalized reaction of horror) without the URL of the blog, starting with http.

  3. Why? To drive people off the front page and into the blog... Is the idea as horrific as you seem to believe?

  4. The idea is horrific for many technical reasons. I can list the ones that apply to your blog when you give me the URL for the blog. We really can't answer any technical questions until we have that.

  5. Couldn't you just put an excerpt from the blog post on the static page and link to the blog post?

  6. @testazyk
    That's a better idea. But why put it on a static page at all. I just don't get it. Static pages sit outside the blog structure. They cannot be automatically updated. They can't have categories and tags assigned to them. They have next to no Google juice and they don't appear in our RSS feeds. When was the last time a static page of your got a backlink like posts do?

  7. If you are looking to keep a reference to a particular post where visitors can easily find it, my suggestion would be to put a short introduction to it in a text widget with a link to the full post and put that text widget at the top of your sidebar. Give the text widget a snappy title and there you go.

    The static page option, really isn't the best solution if the above is what you are looking to do. If you could perhaps give us the reason you are wanting to do this, we might get a better understanding and have other suggestions.

  8. Here's what I was thinking: When users first launch my site, they are taken to a static home page (i.e. "Welcome to my site!"). The first thing the visitor would see would be a "Featured Post(s)" section that would display a post from the blog page. This could update automatically, maybe even cycle dynamically through a few posts, etc. Then the rest of the page is static - information that doesn't change (may be a donate button, or a page that get's updated with new information once a week). The idea is I don't want my blog page to be the first thing people see, but I do want them to know there's a blog page, and they should read the stories/posts on there.

  9. hueydeweyandlouie

    yo maxpower. How many times do they need to ask for your URL? do you want help or to rave?

  10. Amen to that. We can't give targeted technical advice without the URL. The above posters are just guessing.

  11. Guys - chill - it's a hypothetical question. I'm exlporing options, that's all..

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