can i have a store?

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    I was wondering if I wanted to sell things via a store- how do I do that here? sorry, I’m new!


    The blogs at are non-commercial and selling anything on your blog, is a sure way to get it deleted or suspended. If you wish to sell things, then I would suggest getting a domain name and a webhost and then downloading and installing the software from



    WordPress is non-commercial… but the blogger maybe can be commercial…?
    Actually, many blogs nowadays like a ‘brochure’ to market products.
    But maybe WordPress doesn’t deal with actual transactions. How about such thought???
    Or is it really totally no commercial???



    Or is it really totally no commercial???

    It is really no commercial:



    /nod to thesacredpath and judy
    Agreed. Section 2, 5th bullet of the ToS makes it clear that you cannot use a blog to drive traffic to 3rd party sites without being in breach of the ToS.

    A discreet link to your business in the sidebar or an About page is permitted.



    Yeah better off finding somewhere else if you wish to sell or better yet as someone mentioned get yourself a webhost, download and install the WP software.



    /nod to steve2400
    Those who wish to market products or services from a blog are able to do this by choosing the other wordpress option. You can hire a web host and download free software from as the sacredpath suggested or – the difference



    If I have a Most Beautiful contest to come in my blog, it is not commercial…
    But I think WordPress has deleted that info I posted for people.
    I don’t understand.

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