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Can I have music on my blog?

  1. I want to post my song to my blog and want it to start when visitor come in my blog.What should I do?I try to do like this link upload song to it error when open.
    Help me please! Thanks you all.

  2. what's the error? Where's your blog?

  3. The problem is magashare, they dont allow hot playing. You need to use something like DivShare or FileFactory.

    Or buy the space upgrade from

  4. Thank you very much.This is my blog
    I will try again.

  5. I recommend Musicweb. It's designed to accomplish exactly what you want to do.

  6. no it isnt, musicweb isnt a fileshare service that allows hotlinking of mp3 files. It's a classical music site.

  7. I totally beg your pardon. Let's put its full name then: Musicwebtown. Found here, Mr. Smartypants:

    (It's free)

    Rongtiam, as I said before, you can use it to do everything that you need.

  8. well there you see is your problem o-baka-san. musicweb and musicwebtown are two seperate entities. musicweb is a classical music website and has nothing to do with musicwebtown. How the hell do you expect peple to understand you when you give vague and incorrect replies. Sheesh, try using that grey stuff between your ears

    Edit: MusicWebTown seems to be a restricted version of DivShare, not a bad site but its a bit slugish for starting when compared with DivShare or even FileFactory

  9. :-, Oh, sluggish. 8-O And just how do you use DivShare here on

  10. We don't use DivShare here but tiamatsdisciple has requested that as a new feature.

  11. Oh, can't use it here yet. Gee. Guess I'll just have to stick with that old, crickety, sluggish Musicwebtown for now.... :'-(

  12. On Monday do send in your feedback accompanied by your reasons ;)

  13. Okay, will do. ;)

  14. Thank for all yours help.Now I test to post song on this link but the problem is "I can't hear any voice because it still show the buffering time" .What wrong I do? Help me please.
    Oh!I'm forgot to tell you I upload my song at divshare

  15. :-( !! Use the one that I suggested. DivShare doesn't work. Use Musicwebtown:

    It will work for you. ;-)!! O-baka-san (The Noble Fool) gives good advice here!!

  16. actually you can use divshare, just instead of using the embeded feature use the [audio htmladresshere] that it gives you. DivShare gives you a lot of options, not just embedding

    I think some one missunderstands what o-baka-san means aswell :P

  17. *embedded* feature. And *[audio=htmladdresshere]*. O-baka-san, as in an honor that has been conferred upon a certain well-known west-coast poet by his Japanese admirers (although I must confess that there are other people who like to use it to slander people). Or, then there's bakauke, a very big hit! :*) and more :*)

    Rongtiam, I really do hope that you find something here that works to get the music on your blog.

    Best wishes, disembedded.

  18. o-baka-san translated from japanese to english: oh mr idiot

    Actually probably the best and most hassel free method for playing mp3's is to buy the space upgrade here. That way you know that its not going to have any problems, and if any do arise the staff pounce on them before you even finish posting the problem :)

  19. 8-O !! and :*) some more...

  20. To answer the OP's last question:

    When you post the [ audio URLofthemp3.MP3 ] you need to make sure that the link to the MP3 isnt' a live link, that it doesn't show up highlighted in the Visual editor. If it is highlighted (blue) in the visual editor, put the cursor on it, then click on the "Broken Link" icon above. That will make it like regular text. It should work then.

  21. hello,everybody
    I can't resolved the problem.when I post the [ audio URLofthemp3.MP3 ] isnt' a live like regular text.I don't know why it show the audio icon but when I click it still show buffering time,no sound.I look this link why he can use this function perfectly icon.
    I'am headach.

  22. What's the URL that you're trying to use?

  23. rongtiam, I use to host all of the content I stream through the wordpress audio player. After you upload an mp3 it will give you code to embed into your page. Just find the URL you need in the code and paste it into your blog like so:

    [audio hxxp://hotlinkfileswhateversong.mp3]

    That will work perfectly. Good luck!

    (By the way, who is that girl on your front page? she's adorable!)

  24. Thank you very much for everybody help,
    Drmike Moderator, this is URL that I try to use.[audio

  25. Timbretimber,now l successfully post music for test at this link
    by use thank you so much for your kindness.I will post music on my blog again.
    for the girl on my front page is Zara Nalintara Hohler the 5th winner of True Academy Fantasia season3 the reality
    show in Thailand this's her website ,

  26. bloggersanjida

    i just found out through a google search (search term: audio blog) about

    they say is the first stand-alone player that lets you stream sound on your website!
    my question is does it really work? and does it work on wordpress?

    i would love to use it on my blog. but if somebody tells me that it's not worth all the hype then i will drop it.

  27. thistimethisspace

    I believe the only players that can be used on this software are in the FAQs
    "how do I get music on my blog?"

  28. I just read that FAQ. I do not understand a word of it...

  29. Could you explain what you don't understand? What are you trying to do exactly?


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