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Can I have music on my blog?

  1. so i tried hotlinks. (wont let me upload mp3 only gif/jpg)
    and musicweb wont work (endless buffering)
    i'm hating this. why is it so complicated?
    do i have to buy the upgrade to do it easily?

  2. There are no upgrades for putting music on your blog easily.
    Did you follow these instructions?

  3. Host your files at the Wayback Machine as Brent suggests. I used it last night and it was effortless, whereas Odeo was a pain in the butt.

  4. i want to know how i can make that the song starts if someone enter my site.

    i try a lot of things [audio html],divineupload, etc etc.

    does anyone know how its possible??

    a way for own uploaded music
    and a way that starts the song if anyone enter the site that would be great

  5. Use the Sonific widget; it will do that. And people will hate you for it. Most people are generally already either playing music or doing without speakers. They get annoyed when your music forces itself over what they're already listening to.

  6. sonific is not good, i need a way to play my own music, not the music from other musican

    upload my own music to play it in my blog

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