Can I have my text single-spaced?

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    The text when typed directly for a new post always ends up being double-spaced. Sometimes when I copy&paste it is single-spaced, and sometimes mixed up – some with single space and some double.
    Why is this, and can I have it single-spaced at will?

    Thank you!



    Don’t paste from Word; you get all kinds of invisible madness that can screw up your blog badly.

    If your theme double-spaces the text you can switch to a theme that doesn’t do that. If you’re hitting Enter at the end of every line, you will pretty much always get double spacing unless you hold down the SHIFT key when you do it. That will make it single-spaced.

    If you want more formatting options than that, you may need to learn CSS and buy the CSS upgrade to make the changes you want. Do NOT buy the upgrade unless you know CSS, because it’s not something you can figure out on your own and there’s very little help in the forum and none at all from staff if you mess up.


    Thank you for your reply.
    I don’t know CSS and wouldn’t take something like that on. I’ll try and manage with SHIFT as you suggested and see if makes any difference (I like the theme I have now).

    Thanks again.



    /nod to raincoaster

    I just loaded Redoable Lite on my blog into a draft post and I was able to remove the double spacing by shutting off the visual rich text editor and editing the post in the standard editor. If you would like to do this then -> Users -> Your Profile
    Uncheck the checkbox “___Use the visual rich editor when writing” and click “Update Profile” . Now you can edit your draft post to remove the double spacing and then you can publish it.
    Hope this helps – happy blogging. :)

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