Can I have my WordPress Content Sucked into Office 365?

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    I’ve been loving WordPress, and even getting the hang of it!

    I have the content brought into a webpage on my Office Live Small Business Website too (, and that’s great- it always updates with latest posts and content, loved that feature, never had to touch a thing on my Office Live website.

    But now the bullies at Microsoft are making me move to their “new” Office 365. Have given up with any technical support there- between Microsoft and Melbourne IT it’s a complete nightmare.

    Does anyone know if and how I can replicate my WordPress Blogs within a webpage on Office 365?

    The blog I need help with is



    You might be able to get it to make use of the blog export in XML. There may be some editing required. I know the regular software product can import lots of stuff in XML, but I never tried a whole blog. And since 2004 I have no Windows or Mac at home at all.



    No idea, but I CAN tell you it’s a very bad idea to duplicate content. Search engines see it as spam (for good reason; it is spam) and downgrade BOTH sites severely.


    The export file here isn’t exactly an XML standard file. It is a WXR (WordPress Extended RSS) file.



    How Google views duplicating content across domains and do note that their Panda algorithm will detect duplication >



    Wow thanks for the advice! Wasn’t aware of the risk of this being seen as spam, am researching this much more. Meantime, found that inserting an <iframe> in html works, but am re-thinking the strategy!


    iframes don’t create duplicate content. They just show a “view” to that content, so it doesn’t mess with the search engines.

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