Can I have only 10 contributors?

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    My blog is for a group of maybe 40 – 50 people and as far as I can see only 10 people can be contributors. How can I allow all these people to post they’re own content and have me as administrator? Or is a blog not the right option for our group? Any help much appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is



    You can only invite 10 people at a time I think – there is no limit to the number of contributors


    Forget to tick notify me of follow ups by email box, so doing that now. Thanks


    So, once I invite 10 then there is some way to keep inviting? Or can people contribute somehow without an invite? Thanks auxclass.



    I think the invite form only has room for 10 invites – invite 10 then 10 more again – repeat as required – the limit per invite form is an anti-spam thing


    Yeah just got it auxclass. Sorry for my inane question. My excuse is it’s late at night!!!

    Thanks again

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