can I have thumbnails on my category pages

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    Ok with the assume part, but what do you mean “never volunteer”? You gave the correct advice to the OP in your very first post.


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    1:03 post—
    Yes,when you link to your own posts wp automatically sends a ping. But if your comments are off on the post, then you won’t see a self-ping because it’s just like a comment. Wp also sends pings to anyone else you link to as well. I don’t know if you can turn that off; don’t think so. And if your comments are on, you can get ping comments from people who refer to you in their posts. They are post specific, so they won’t show on a special comment page (unless someone links to it).

    Trackbacks are similar, though I don’t really know how to do them. I think they may be older technology.

    Right, the info you’d get by searching would be more organized.


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    Never volunteer, well on second thought, that was incorrect.
    I thought that I hi-jacked this thread, and monopolized your time as well.
    But if he’s still reading, he’s discovered in live-time more detail about how to make it work.
    And you wouldn’t have answered if you were unwilling to help, or uninterested in the conversation.


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    Oh, and thanks.

    I was so exasperated that I’d spent all that time making something that didn’t work, that I just couldn’t bear to go back and delete all those links. It shouldn’t be too hard to add the http… into the pictures. I’ll just get a book on CD and move from one to the next.


    – “Right, the info you’d get by searching would be more organized.”

    That’s not at all what I meant! Note that I said “I think I only DESERVE a Jesus, read the FAQs!” I didn’t mean that what you could tell me would be less organized, of course: I just find it amusing that I’m playing smart in this forum but I’ve no idea what a ping is…

    – “I thought that I hi-jacked this thread, and monopolized your time as well.”

    You answered the second part yourself: “you wouldn’t have answered if you were unwilling to help, or uninterested in the conversation”, you said. Actually it’s me who started commenting on a remark of yours, and you cannot possibly monopolize my time if I don’t choose to play along. One, I like solving problems, two, you happen to be one of the persons I like most around here. (And I’m quite appalled that someone once dared call that a “clique”.)

    As for the first part, it’s quite true that WE, not you, hijacked the thread, and I also thought about that. But it’s also true that scormeny got his answer with your first post alright, and the rest was an aside.

    (And it’s also true that the aside got a bit extremely long: scormeny must be tearing his hair apart by now! We can only hope he’ll see what we see: that this forum is generally a friendly place.)


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    I know what you meant. “I only DESERVE a Jesus, read the FAQs!” We all want to provide smart, concise , and intelligent answers. I didn’t even mean to post my question (though in the end, it turned out to be useful to work together). My assumptions made me look stupid.

    And who called it a clique? I missed a negative comment??? That’s not like me!! Ta.

    I have to sleep now, but one of us (you better, more eloquant, and organized) should make a post “in search of scormeny” to give him a good answer to the original question.

    Husband is coming home and I’ll be getting ready tomorrow, but if you don’t, I will try to make sure the answer is summarized.

    Best of all wishes to you.



    Okay, I skimmed much of this but wow! This was quite a digression. Can I get us back to my question? Thanks.

    The site that I’m referring to is, sorry I didn’t state that first.

    My posts all contain at least one full- or medium-sized image, sometimes more than one, and some descriptive text.

    What I want is that when a person looks at the list of archived posts (ie, a category or archive page), she will see for each post:

    1. the title

    2. the THUMBNAIL of the first photo in the post

    3. the excerpt

    I am currently using Misty Look, which is one of the themes that was cited in the referred thread, and as far as I can tell, that is not the outcome that results on a category page.

    I have the free level of account, not the paid, so I don’t believe I can make edits to the theme template code.

    I’ve tried a handful of different themes, and none that I’ve done seems to be close to what I’m looking for. But if you know of one that does, that would be great! Or if there’s a “hack”, widget, toolbar setting or workaround that someone with a free account can achieve, that’s great too.

    Thanks again!


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    Actually Misty Look should work.
    While you are editing your post, also write your excerpt.
    To insert a picture, switch to HTML and put the code into the excerpt.
    Save or update.

    The excerpt will be visible in archives, tags, or categories pages.
    That much is easy to to.

    The post titles will link to your full articles.

    I wanted to get fancy and add links from the images to the articles as well. (It seems a natural tendency to want to click on an image link.) I foolishly tested whether or not it would work in the archives pages only. I used the link code that doesn’t generate self-pings (leaving off the http://). What we discovered is that when I change the link code (to the page) to include the entire address, the image links work perfectly.

    Also of note is that I did not get the annoying self-ping by using the complete link in the excerpt.

    I still have to go back and fix all those links as I’ve only done a couple of them, but it works!!

    BTW, I am also using the basic no upgrades or CSS


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    The link to the blog you are talking about doesn’t work.


    @tess: The URL is ok – it’s the comma that destroys the link.


    “I am currently using Misty Look, which is one of the themes that was cited in the referred thread, and as far as I can tell, that is not the outcome that results on a category page.”

    Of course it’s not the outcome, if you haven’t added a hand-crafted excerpt.

    If you simply wanted the beginnings of posts in category pages, then there are several themes that would do that (not the list we gave you – another one). But what you want is to display something different than the actual beginning of a post (thumbnail instead of large-size image). There’s no theme that will do that automatically; that’s precicely the function of the “Excerpt”, which you must manually create in the Excerpt module of the post editor.


    Moderator (lose the extra , at the end of the link)

    to avoid self-pings write your link without this part h t t p: / /

    BUT you do need to include the / before and after the name of the post you are linking to, as in /spammers-are-taking-over-the-forums/


    And as in /nobody-seems-to-be-around-to-take-care-of-that-since-yesterday/



    Alright, just to be clear, the long answer is:

    As of the date that I am writing this message, in January 2009, a user can have a thumbnail in her archives pages on on a free account, if:

    (1) She is using a theme that supports excerpts in archives pages (some themes only support titles in excerpt pages), AND

    (2) She “hand codes” the thumbnail into the post excerpt field when she is editing the post, by including it as an html img src tag.

    While I personally am an html genius with years of experience and could do this with one hand tied behind my back, my sister-in-law who I’m helping with this site has no html knowledge.

    Therefore, in this case, the short answer is “no.”

    For what it is worth if there are others who look this up and decide that this issue will tip them over the edge to use’s downloaded version of wordpress, rather than when I create wordpress sites that are NOT on, I use the “Yet Another Photoblog” plugin to achieve this feat, and am very happy with that plugin.

    Thanks for all the thoughtful advice and amusing banter — I’m a big wordpress fan and its community is one of the attractions.



    Eek agh och, under my point #1 it should read:

    (1) She is using a theme that supports excerpts in archives pages (some themes only support titles in ARCHIVE pages), AND

    My apologies for the error.


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    No need for HTML, unless you want the pictures to link to the post. The titles in the archives pages link automatically—image links are not needed. I was only getting fancy about it. With my mistaken links, you can see that I’m no HTML genius!

    What I do is to copy the image I want to put into the excerpt to the top of the visual editor. Edit the copy with the image editor to make thumbnails (they don’t have to be thumbnails, by the way). I also select to align right. Update. Then I switch to HTML mode, and cut/copy the code for the image (easy to find right on top of the post!) and paste it into the excerpt. Update or save the post.

    Also note that some themes even show only complete posts.



    Thanks, 1tess, for the clarification, that is helpful!


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    You are most welcome, scormeny.

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