Can I have two gravatars linking to two separate blogs unrelated to each other?

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    Hi. I have two blogs but when I wander around WordPress, comment on other blogs, etc – my gravatar clicks back only to my ‘Primary’ blog. Can I have two gravatars linking to two separate blogs? One is a business blog – the other is personal. And I would really like to interact on both but keep them separate, i.e. switch between them. If this is possible, how do I select a different gravatar and which blog I want my gravatar to click back to?

    The blog I need help with is



    Yes, but you need to completely separate IDs registered with using two completely separate emails.



    I was afraid this would be your reply.



    Sorry, can I seperate the blogs now. They’re already up and running and linked to one email address at this point. My aim is to build traffic to both my sites but because the gravatar only links to one – you see my issue.



    Yes you can create another ussername account using a different email address. Then you can transfer the blog to the new username account.

    Log out of
    Sign up for using a different email address, and using a new username. Do not create a blog, just a username.
    After you finish responding to the new user registration confirmation email log out of
    Now log in as under your original username and go to the blog that you want to transfer.
    Add your newly created user as an Administrator. Set the role of checked users to: Administrator. Then type the e-mail address of your newly created user to add the new user to the blog.

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