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Can I have two separate blogs with same contents but in different languages?

  1. Can I have two separate blogs have same contents but in different languages? I want to know if I have rights to do that or not. And I really don't want to use any online translator. May someone help with this? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes you can. Create your second blog and then start translating your posts and put them on the other blog.

  3. Thanks! BUT really? Because everything would be the same just in different languages and different blogs.
    Thanks again... :D

  4. They would not be the same to search engines and readers. Btw it is better to put translation widgets instead of a new blog.

  5. translation widgets? so who would translate?

  6. But there no Khmer language there, so who may help now? Lots of thanks to you all! Good luck to you! :D

  7. Ahhh.. Then go for a new blog please. Google too has not a good translation from Khmer to English, then how it can have English to Khmer?

  8. Thanks, but the main point is two( 2) blogs have everything the same, I'm afraid if delete my those blogs or not. Or WOULD says OK TOO?

  9. The blogs would be in two different languages, so the search engines and wordpress are not going to have a problem with them.

    I'll tag this thread for staff attention so that they can tell you.

  10. As long as the blogs are in different languages, they don't contain the same content as far as we're concerned. The same is true for Google and all major search engines.

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