Can I have2 blogs with the same posts?

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    I currently have a blog in which I post fiction and nonfiction. Can I creat a second blog in which I repost many of the same fiction posts on my original blog, while still keeping and posting to my original blog? Does this violate anything?Also can I have the two blogs on one account but not allow visitors to one blog to be able to see that I have another blog?
    Thank You.

    The blog I need help with is


    It’s not a good idea to do this since both blogs then end up competing against each other in the search engines and the blog with the higher page rank, typically the older one) is always going to come up first in the searches for content that is on both.

    There is some question as to whether the search engines will penalize you for duplicate content (Google claims they do not) but you are giving Google the job of choosing which blog to bring up in the search results.

    Duplicate content is not a good idea. My suggestion would be to move either the fiction or nonfiction over to another blog and then delete the stuff you move from the first.


    I don’t really care about competeing with myself. It’s just that I’d rather keep my original blog anonymous, becuase the nonfiction I post concerns my family and personal life and I don’t want people I know reading it. I would, however, like my family and friends to have access to my fictional posts. That is why I wanted to set up a second blog.


    You can do it then although in the past wordpress.COM has frowned on having duplicate content here and I think they have actually asked some people to set one of the blogs to private as it can end up messing with the search engine stuff for wordpress.COM itself.

    I would ask staff about this at and see what they have to say.


    Oh, that’s good to know. I will check with the staff then before I do anything.
    Thank you =)


    You are welcome.

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