Can I hide child pages in Oulipo main navigation?

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    Hi, I am creating a portfolio using a gallery on a parent page which directs you to individual project child pages. I’d like to hide the child pages sub menu that appears on the main navigation and just use the links on the parent page for this job. Is this possible? I have the CSS upgrade but Im having trouble locating the child pages in the stylesheet. Any help would be much appreciated.
    Cheers, Alisa

    The blog I need help with is



    I’ve had a quick look and it appears that all you need to do is to build a Custom Menu (Appearance / Menus) containing only the parent pages and set it as your Primary Navigation Menu. No CSS needed.



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    this isn’t a CSS issue. Custom menu reference link >



    Hi Guys,

    Thanks so much for your responses. I’ve looked again at the reference link but I still see no way to turn off the submenu display. Sorry, am I still missing something obvious?

    What I’m aiming for is for people to click on ‘Portfolio’ in the main menu to take them to the portfolio page where there will be a gallery of thumbnails. Then when you click a thumbnail it will take you to a page with the full illustration and info about it.

    So the submenu which pops up when you hover over Portfolio gets in the way, if you see what I mean ~ Alisa


    1. You create a custom menu.

    2. You add the top level pages you want and arrange them as you desire.

    3. Do NOT add any subpages (the link covers how to do that if you want to at a later date).

    4. When you have everything in the menu that you want (and nothing you do not want), save the menu.

    5. Go to the “theme location” module at upper left on the menu page. Select your custom menu name from the pulldown labeled “primary location.” Click the save button in that module.

    6. Go to your blog, refresh your browser so that it isn’t possibly pulling a cached page, and see your new menu without sub menus



    That’s perfect! Thanks so much for the result and for your patience! :-)
    All the best, Alisa


    You are welcome.

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