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Can I hide dates of posts?

  1. I've tried to follow other similar posts for an answer, but no luck. Can I edit the CSS of my blog to hide the post date? I would be willing to change my theme if that is an issue. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The URL for a post includes the date the post was published like this:

    Some static Pages also include dates in their URLs and some don't. In Monochrome the default is no date on static pages.

    If you are attempting to create a mock website. and using a static Page based structure rather than a post based structure, then this post may be helpful >

  3. @1Tess
    Thanks for posting that link. :)

  4. Hi timethief~
    Those code thing-y-s are kind of interesting to play with.
    obscuring the date/time or not…
    Guess it is something I like and not at all related to this thread…

  5. @vrausa1

    Oh, sorry, the link I told you about IS useful for you. possibly

    I meant that I remembered that post because there are things in it that I especially like…

    It could be related to your question?

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