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Can I hide the blog roll info. on my home page?

  1. shanaslifeguide

    I am very new to blogging, yet very excited! However, I find (along with a million other things) the "blog roll" section on my home page confusing to myself and visitors. They think that it has to do with my personal topics. Can I hide it from my visitors? And if so, can something be put in it's place, like other personal topics to click into? Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can remove that here > Appearance > Widgets
    Then you can create a Blogroll of your own recommended links if you wish. To display it you can place a Links widget in your sidebar. And/or you can place a Categories widget in your sidbar that will display the Categories you assign to posts prior to publication. Ther'es also a Recent Posts widget and others listed on this page >

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