Can I hire a WordPress guru?

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    I just started my blog a couple of weeks ago, and I want to have Adsense and comments and meta tags and I don’t know what else … oh, images.
    Anyway, I’m just so tired of reading forums and trying to find all the answers to my questions when I get stuck, y’know? Seems like I’ve been doing that for years!
    Anyway, just wondered if I could hire a nice, friendly WordPress smart person to get my blog set up how I want it. It would probably take somebody smart about two minutes. It would take me two months.
    I’m a great editor and would be happy to trade out the work. Or I’ll pay by Paypal.
    Any takers?



    You agreed to a legal contract called a Terms of Service contract in order to get a non commercial blog.

    At there is no adsense and no other advertising allowed on our non-commercial blogs

    WordPress does offer an alternative for those who wish to monetize their blogs. You can hire a webhost and go to http://wordpress/org and download free software there.

    No meta tags are used on blogs

    And if you’re looking for for-pay services, you should post to this mailing list:



    Looks like yours is not a blog at all, but an independently hosted one. In that case, you need only the last link that TT gave you. Post to that and you’ll find someone to help you; there are no such restrictions on independently hosted blogs using WordPress software.

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