Can I hire someone to impliment a design for me?

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    I’m a graphic designer and would like to personally design my blog but I’m very unskilled at CSS (in otherwords I know nothing about it) and am quite unsure on how to deconstruct a wordpress theme and implement the design. I’m not sure if this is the place to ask for this but maybe someone has a recommendation on where I can get this sort of service.



    If you are not hosted at wordpress.COM, you are in the wrong place. Head over to http://wordpress.ORG/support/



    could you please provide a link to your blog starting with the prefix
    http:// please so we can determine what blogging platform your using.

    How to link your name to your blog


    Currently there is nothing on my blog, just because I just want to see what my options are for the design on this free platform, in otherwords, what can I do to really personalize the blog without just adding a graphic to the header and if there is someone who can simply impliment the design which I would be creating.



    To be able to change the look of your site you need to purchase
    the CSS upgrade & you need to know CSS because there is NO official
    support for CSS in the forums.



    Also you can pick chose a theme by going to Dashboard → Design



    I don’t know of anyone who offers a service to provide custom CSS for blogs, I’m afraid. If you don’t know anyone who can do the coding for you, then you will have to learn it yourself. There are a few volunteers on the forum who can help a bit, but don’t expect much support here. There are some great tutorials linked in the sticky threads at the top of the CSS forum. Try those out and experiment with the free CSS preview function before you decide whether to shell out for the upgrade.



    I can help, but you can’t hire me. My help is for free.

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