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can i host on wordpress for now and then transfer later

  1. can i test out my blog on wordpress to see if it has money potential or traffic potential, then later on once i get lots of traffic easily switch over to somewhere else for paid hosting so i can add adsense?

  2. Yes and no.

    If you move, you'll lose most of your googlejuice and your readers unless you've built that readership under a unique domain name, ie using the domain name upgrade, which is a paid thing at There's no point building ahuge readership for and then moving to on a different server. Get the domain name early and use it at, building readership with that name so that, if you move later and take the name with you, readership will follow.

    I make my living blogging and let me just caution you that you're probably being optimistic in your money projections. Everyone is.

  3. Adding: especially if you think Adsense is going to make you any money. Seriously, let me destroy your dreams of Adsense riches right now. You can make money with targeted advertising, but Adsense in my opinion isn't going to bring in anything worth bothering about. Go with Blogads,, and other targeted, picture-laden ads.

  4. no no im not thinking of being a millionare, i have a domain already a good one, so i can built my traffic on my url using wordpress and then switch later.

  5. When you switch it takes about 6 months to regain your readership and in some cases you do not regain the same numbers at all.

  6. And in some cases you will exceed it too.

    The 6 months may be anecdotal - there is no evidence that it would in fact take that long.

  7. I was one of those that within a month had exceeded my previous hit rate by a considerable margin, and almost completely recovered my technorati authority as well. I never had a very high page rank, so the fact that it hasn't recovered isn't important to me.

  8. Yes the 6 months is entirely based on anecdotes. And although I'm not hung up on page rank and stats I have experienced the opposite.

  9. {waving to tt}

    I think probably everyone's experience will be a little different and some will take longer and some shorter. I wonder if blogs that have lower hit rates recover faster than those with higher rates?

  10. That would make total sense. As would whether or not they've got a unique domain name.

  11. So, beyond the idiosyncrasies of readership, how is this done technically?

  12. If you mean how do I get a domain and domain mapping for my blog so I can later have it re-pointed to a hosted blog and then import the contents from the former blog into it then here you go.

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