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can i / how do i add a links section down teh right side of my page?

  1. is it possible?


  2. You have a Blogroll already so if you rename the category from Blogroll, then add bookmarks and put them in the category they should appear.

  3. cool thanks, that helped

    i managed to add the links but not quite sure how to change the blogroll title to something else like "links"

  4. i've been trying to assign categories to the links but they won't stick, ie. the links don't get their categories updated.

  5. ronlim, a couple of things.

    When you say they are not being their categories updated, are you seeing this from the backend or from your blog? The reason I ask is that you may be having one of two different problems. If it's not being updated on the backend, then it's a backend issue and needs to be addressed via a feedback. (Please state very specifically that they are not being updated when you click on update) If the links are not being updated on your blog, please remember that the sidebars are cached and may take a short time for changes to show up.

  6. i don't see the link categories being updated on my Bookmarks page on my profile (link-manager.php) so I guess it's the backend. I'll try the feedback. thanks drmike.

  7. hi, i am having trouble with my links also.
    There are 4 bookmarks in my manage bookmark list, and in presentation>sidebar widgets the links category is over in side bar one, but it is not showing up on my page. Please help.

  8. I have 7 bookmarks and have assigned all to the same category "Blog the Blogging Bloggers". I have edited and saved them each three times over carefully following instructions given and have even posted to the forum on this topic before under the title missing blogroll (I misspelled missing then). On the front end of my blog I do not see a "blogroll" of these links. What I see is only "Blog the Bolgging Bloggers". Either I have completely missed the drift of the instructions here or there is a common problem. My theme is Andreas 9. Can you help drmike?

  9. TT, we gave you some ideas in the other thread.

  10. Thanks anyway drmike but I just don't get what I'm to do. I have read and re-read the former posts and failed to comprehend. I'm simply throwing in the towel because I don't understand the instructions and life's too short to spend it on this. So I'll watch the forum and maybe one day a switch in my head will flip and I'll understand.

    Addendum: This is truly "weird" day. I have previously visited other wordpress blogs and the when I found ones that interested me I clicked on the "add to blog roll" button and as far as I could tell nothing happened. Not one appeared on my blog. In fact one of these was drmikes cartoons and I've never it found again (hint, hint). Well today I wrote the first part of this I give up post above and then I read some more blogs. Three interested me so I clicked on them and they showed up on my blog. Two are now appearing above and one is appreaing below my sitemeter:) weird... very weird but I'm not complaining :)

  11. im on the same boat too. dont worry. Im using regulus. I am doing basic stuff strictly using the free theme options. my bookmarks dont do anything. nor does my banner.

    sorry, i posted this already. but i am sad

  12. Webcomic by the way.

    I've got to admit that I'm rather stumped why people are having so many issues on this. I just added two links to the blog above (Wanna do me a favor? Vote for the comic. :) ) and had no issue doing so.

    Let's see if I can do a check list here:

    While looking at Dashboard -> Bookmarks -> Either "Add Bookmark" or "Edit Bookmark", make sure the following is done.

    - URL, Name, and Description are filled out.

    - Yes under the visible header is marked. (That's a default but just to make sure.)

    - It's assigned to a catgeory and that category has posts assigned to it. I'm thinking that this is what's happening with you folks. Note that I have and within my Bookmarks but you don't see them in my sidebar on the blog above. Why? Because they haven't been assigned to any categories. That column is blank when you look at my Dashboard -> Bookmarks -> Manage Bookmarks page

    - Also make sure that you have assigned the Links Widgets within Dashboard -> Presentation -> Sidebar Widgets to your blog and clicked on Save Changes. (Note that you have to do this step yet again if you change your theme.)

    Hope this helps,

  13. YES! Puzzle solved - I've only done two but they worked and I'm sooo very happy that I'm writing now. I'll go back and do the others later.
    The step-by-step list was the key to my success.
    So here's what my problem was. I had the URL filled out but had not filled out the name (it seemed dumb to me to duplicate what was already inherent in the URL) and I had not filled in a description (because likewise it seemed dumb to me to define what was obvious). But I went back clicked edit and filled in every (dare I say it?) dumb little blank with info and VOILA! it worked. The two I have done are now appearing on my blog.
    I would have got back to you sooner but I got all caught up in comics chain. I had no idea that there actually were web comics. (Stop snickering you guys - I'm a newbie.)Anyway I voted for Kim because hands down this was the one that most appealed to me and made me smirk. The comic about who was sicker really made me laugh oops! I mean lol because my partner and I both have the flu and have been nitpicking at each other about who was sicker for the last two days. The least sick has to get up and feed the livestock and horses. OOOOW I'm so happy.
    Too bad pokerheat isn't happy too. My advice to him is to go back and step by step fill in every little bit of info even if it seems to be duplitious to you. Thanks drmike - you're a baby blogger baby sitter extraordinaire.

  14. Hi .. I have to admit, I thought 'I got it'! Hense no. I'm trying but I do feel this is a bit ridiculous not to be able to get Blogroll rolling easier. I too have assigned an url to a catagorie. The catagorie I chose was adoption~ .. I saved the url and viewed it. Nothing came up. Sad to be like this uh? thankyou

  15. Thanks for the step by step thing... but i followed it to the letter and my blogroll still doesn't show up Lol. Maybe i will just wait for a bit and see if the glitch goes away. :)

  16. aright, here is my problem;

    all the catagories for my URLs are blank.

    so I click edit for my first link (a site that goes to another poker site)

    my URL, name*, and description are all filled out. however my "line relationship (xfn)" and "advanced" are not filled out.

    *shoul name be the URL? just copy url into name?

    now before clicking "save changes" I look to the right @ the catagories, target, and visable tabs.

    catagories: have about 5, one is checked. Its called "resources"

    target: top
    visable: yes

    now i click "save changes"

    still dosnt work. don't feel any pressure to deal w/ my issues if im the only one having problems. the links on my site are probably the least important part of my site.

  17. My links are still not showing up... i got round it for the time being by adding a text box and putting them in there but thats a pain!

    I did however notice that whilst editing my bookmarks(still trying to fathom out whats wrong) that even tho i am adding a category they are not showing up in the list on my Bookmark Management page [bookmark>manage bookmarks>Bookmark Management]
    Could this be why they are not showing up on my blog pages?

    Is this the same for anyone else? could you check please.

  18. Dink, please read this thread and do a search for 'bookmark'. I believe we covered this a few times. :)

  19. I am also a newbie, but I am learning. Mike's step-by-step explanation, posted 27.4.06 is very clear. However, just a thought: It's really nice seeing the links on the sidebar. But the font is the same, and the headings are all in the same colour [which is black!].

    Having designed such a wonderful WordPress layout [template] for the blog, would it not be nice to have another colour for the headings 'Meta', 'Subscribe', and the Bookmark [Links] Categories [such as 'Friends', 'My Other Blogs', etc]??

    WordPress is so good that I am posting away, importing my flickr photos onto my wordpress blog and also getting 'hits' in the process. Those sidebar headings require a different colour! [Yes, even on the right sidebar, for Flickr Photos, Blog Stats, etc!]



  20. Borax, some theme designers do have links in different colors. It's pretty much up to them though. None of the themes here were designed by Matt and staff. You might to want to make this suggestion over at the forums as most of the designers occasionally pop in and visit there.

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