Can I import an existing WordPress blog? (Merge two blogs?)

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    I started a blog a year ago for a fitness challenge I was doing that required us to blog about our exercise and diet. When the challenge was done, I abandoned the blog.

    This year I started my personal blog — but I didn’t do what I SHOULD have by starting my new blog under my existing blog account. So now I have two separate blogs: and

    Is there any way to import racheycarter into my ovariation account or to merge the two blogs so I don’t have to register into separate accounts? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is


    sorry can’t answer this question, I am not familiar :(




    Using the Import WordPress feature will merge the content/database and not replace your existing data. First you will need to Export the data from the site you want to move from ( Tools ->Export ) and save the .xml file to you computer. Next, you will sign into the blog you would like to merge the data to and navigate to the the Import WordPress tool ( Tool->Import->WordPress). Here you will browse for the .xml and and complete the on screen instructions. That’s it!



    Well, that sounds easy enough for someone as inept as myself. Awesome!

    So, doing that won’t just import all the blog posts from racheycarter to ovariation; it will allow me to maintain the two separate blogs but manage them under one account? (similar to how you can register a new blog under your current account)



    When you import from racheycarter to ovariation, essentially you are now only needing to manage a single blog. Ovariation will be the single blog you use to manage your content after an import.

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