Can I import to a blog from an old WordPress sql backup file?

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    I used to run WP on my own domain a number of years ago. I have an sql backup file from that. I want to import the posts from that backup file to my new blog.

    The blog I need help with is


    No you can’t. It’s only XML files that we can import into blogs.



    A workaround (though a little involved) would be to do a localhost .ORG install of WordPress, restore your MySQL backup and then export it via the dashboard to XML.


    Yes, indeed that will do it.



    OK, I’ve got xampp installed, have a user set up to log into localhost. If I run mysql to try to create a database, it won’t let me, it claims user ”@localhost has no access. I’m pretty sure the version of WP I used was 1.51, at least, that’s what I have lying around somewhere in backups. So i assume I need to:

    1. Create a database in mysql.
    2. Pick that database in phpMyAdmin, and import that database backup.
    3. Install WP 1.51.
    4. Point it at the backup.
    5. Upgrade WP until I get to a version that will export as xml, export as xml.
    6. Go to my blog and import.

    I think I need help with 1 and 4. Anybody got anything? I’d assume I’d need to change the URL(s) in the old database from the old domain to localhost, but I have no idea how to do it. There doesn’t happen to be a handy guide to this lying around somewhere, does there? I haven’t touched mysql before so I’m just fumbling around with that.


    The reason I did not get into what to do on a local install is simple. We do NOT provide support for local install of WordPress>ORG software here at WordPress.COM. That support is provided here only http:/


    oops! That would be and if you do not have a username account click the link and register one on the top right hand corner of the page that opens, so you can post to the correct support forums.



    I think I need help with 1 and 4. Anybody got anything?

    For #1 see:

    For #2 see:

    As for importing from MySQL, this may help:


    So are Staff now allowing and encouraging us WordPress>COM Volunteers to answer WordPress.ORG questions on these support forums? If so, the James did not send me the memo. I’ll drop him an email for clarity.



    So are Staff now allowing and encouraging us WordPress>COM Volunteers to answer WordPress.ORG questions on these support forums?

    I didn’t see any harm in dropping a couple of links to aide a member in trying to move a website to the .com side of the house.


    So is that your way of saying you did not receive a memo telling you that things had changed here? I want to be clear because there isn’t a regular Volunteer here who cannot but does not do what you did. The reason for that is clear. Based on past experience when we provide one little answer thing the blogger comes back, brings friends and instead of redirecting nigh unto 30% of those who already post here daily, when they ought to post to WordPress.ORG that percentage starts to rise dramatically. If you want to volunteer over at WordPress.ORG go for it! I’m sure they will welcome you.



    I did not get any memo or email either – but they need to get help at WordPress.ORG the extra info by @gureggu will get the OP in trouble as it is very much incomplete and misleading – and will only maybe get XAMPP running –

    BUT here is why they need to start at .ORG – they are coming from maybe WP 1.5 – that database will not work with the current database – they need to revert way way back – to 1.5? I don’t have a clue on that – then the upgrade hops will need to be made in a very specific order or the database will be corrupted – maybe as many as 6 hops – and the early upgrades were brutal to do – no magic upgrade button

    So when the OP crashes something and shows up back here – what are you going to tell them?

    That is why the send them over to .ORG to start – the will need some very specific help – what they want to do can be done – might even be some sort of shortcut or some way to export the mysql database to something they can input here manually – lots of database tools – but the OP needs very detailed help

    just my observations after a few years – and if you think @TT was a bit brutal – the Mods at .ORG will close a thread in an instant if there is any hint of ANYTHING other than a .ORG question



    This is way off-topic for a technical forum but I need to articulate my position.

    @TT and @auxclass: I honestly didn’t think providing a few “starter links” would be a big deal. I assumed since the OP has experience with the .org side that they would be able to work from there and ask questions in the forums if they had additional questions.

    TT and I were obviously working on posting here at the same time earlier; she posted about not providing .org support while I was collecting links to post. Only after I posted the links did I see her replies that slid in just moments before mine. My post was not intended to be a slap in the face or disregard for protocol in the .com forums.

    Yes, in retrospect, I agree with both of you that the OP would be better off posting in the ORG forums for the latter half. The path that they need to take is much more complex than what the Codex has to offer. Like I said, it was intended to be a starting point, not an end solution.

    And as @TT suggested, I already contribute in both forums (under different usernames) … it’s easy to blur the line between them sometimes. I’ll make sure to delineate between the two going forward. I didn’t realize how strict cross-platform WordPress support was, I just try to answer questions that I know the answers to.

    /end defense ;-)

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