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Can I Include PayPal Donation Button?

  1. I know that traditional advertising is banned, but what about a tastefully discreet way to accept PayPal donations on our blogs? Perhaps a "Donations" page.

  2. I don't know. I think they would say no. Not sure.

  3. I was actialy wondering about this as well.... I wouldent see any reason why not. I spent a few bucks on my blog, and I wouldent mind people donating a little. I actialy had a few emailes of people who offered.

  4. Patriotsfan: (lol) You maybe ought to find *SPELL-CHECK* button first....

  5. You can have a paypal donate button, but you might need to use their "email" link because the form would probably get messed up.

  6. poppy8sd- lol yeah, I use forums so much I dont bother to make sure my spelling is correct anymore, also was 2am lol, and if you mean the blog, my partner has been the one doing all the writing recently. Thanks matt

  7. Moderator hat time:

    Lets not worry about spell checking folks. Some of us around here have issues with keyboards. :)


  8. Matt,

    Thanks. But I'm not sure what you mean by PayPal's "'email' link." If you're talking about PayPal's "Email Payments," doesn't that mean I'd have to send people an invoice? That wouldn't be cool.

    Maybe I'm missing something.

  9. The standard link for a paypal button is a javascript and that won't work here as javascripts are stripped out of user input for security concerns.

    There's a way to do a standard link with your email address in there but I no longer have an accoint so I can't pull it up from here.

    I'm hoping someone else can hit this one.

  10. Here's a post about which type of Paypal button is the one you can use.

    I hope this helps,

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