Can I include static text as welcome to blog page?

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    Is it possible to add a piece of (static) introductory text onto a blog page in twenty fourteen – or include some CSS that enables this? Any suggestions welcome!

    The blog I need help with is


    I would suggest using a text widget at the top of the right sidebar and then setting the widget visibility so that it only appears where you want it to.


    Ah, that seems like a good idea. I’m having a couple of problems though:

    1) I want the text to show on the blog page, rather than the individual posts, but when I set visibility to “Show if Page is Blog” it doesn’t appear (however when I set it to “Show if Page is Post” it does appear).

    2) I’d like to format the text a little – break it into two or three paragraphs and add in a couple of links.

    Is it possible to do this?



    The easiest way to format a text widget is to compose it as a draft Post, using the visual editing tools. Then click to the Text editor, copy all the code, and paste that in the text widget.


    Thanks, that’s enabled me to add in the links but it still doesn’t pick up the paragraphing and is still not showing on the “Blog” page. Is there anything else I can do?


    At the bottom of the text widget text area, check the box that says, “Automatically add paragraphs”.


    Right now I see the text widget in the “content” sidebar visibility set incorrectly. It should look like this:


    Done that and now I have paragraphs – great!

    Thanks for all your help.


    I tried setting it as Blog but the text didn’t show. I have now set it as “Show if Page is Posts Page” and that seems to make it appear on the Blog page. Don’t understand why though?!


    Ah, good to know. You just taught me something. The “blog” page is a sort of special page and not a normal page. I think we confused it. :)

    And you are welcome.

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