Can I increase Enterprise categories/subcategories in bar above 10

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    Theme: Enterprise.
    Problem. I’d like to include a lot more drop down subcategories in the categories bar.
    Is there a way of over-riding the limit of 10 categories/subcategories in total?
    I have subscribed to Custom Design partly to be able to do this.
    A limit of 10 categories in total seems a bit mean when subcategories and sub-subcategories are included in the limit (In fact, with sub-subcategories included the limit seems positively ridiculous).

    If it is not possible to increase the number of subcategories is there an alternative theme that allows for more subcategories?

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Unfortunately, this theme is hard-limited, and Custom Design can only be used to tweak existing elements, not add more.



    I’ve cracked it.
    It’s remarkably easy once you’ve found where to go.

    In the Dashboard go to Appearance>Menus.
    Create a new Secondary Menu (That’s the lower menu, with the categories in it).
    Change the setting for the categories menu from the default Most Used to View All.
    Click Select All.
    Click Add to Menu.
    This will put all of the categories and subcategories into the menu bar. However, if you leave it at that they’ll all be displayed as categories (i.e. all visible at once).
    To create subcategories look in the newly created list of categories on the right of the menu window that you were working on and slide the categories that you want as subcategories across to the right, giving them an indent. Slide them further to turn them into sub-subcategories.
    Slide the entries up and down the list to change their order or to put them into different categories.

    I don’t know why this theme has a default of ten category entries to begin with. It’s silly.

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