Can I insert a background table?

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    I have several small images (with links) that I would like to be able to insert in table format rather than simply one under the other.
    How can I do this, please?

    The blog I need help with is



    You can follow the steps in this guide on how to insert and position images: . Or you can use a gallery to show them in a certain format:


    A bloody GALLERY! – ahy didn’t I think of that?
    (Don’t answer.)
    Muchas gracias, kardotim. Continue being happy.




    You’re welcome. Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.


    Oh, alas! In fact, WOE. :-(
    Can’t use a gallery instead of a table, as it doesn’t allow me to put a different link behind each image.
    Erhmm … does it?



    I see. In that case it’s only possible to place images as described here and use the ‘Link To -> Custom URL’ option. See step 4 of the above guide.

    If you would like to see images appear side by side on the same line, put the images next to each other and give them both either left or right alignment. Make sure the images are small enough that they will both fit on one line, including borders and margins. Otherwise, one of the images will be bumped to the next line. If this happens, you can resize the images so that they can fit side by side.


    Yep, I agree – but it means there’s a max. of 3 per line.
    Will just have to continue on with putting ’em all side by side and putting ” “s between ’em.
    Many thanks for your input!



    There can be more images on one line if you make the images smaller, just like you did at


    It’s that very page I’m writing about, kardotim. Giving me grief, it is.
    Will have to completely reconstruct it today. Still, a better way to spend Sunday than flinging meself on me knees.

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