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Can I insert a header image instead of site title & description in sight theme?

  1. When I uncheck the option " Show header text with your image", the site title and description is hidden.
    However, the position of the site title and description would not be removed. (Please refer to: )

    Is there any way to replace the site title & description with a header image in the "sight" theme?

    Thanks for your help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes. The image must be 580px × 149px. You upload it here > Appearance > Header

  3. RATS! I did it again. I forgot to look at the forum this thread was in. It's in the CSS editing forum. I'm sorry.

    See >

  4. Really thanks for your prompt answer.
    And thanks for the link.

  5. You're welcome and best wishes.

  6. I tried the code in the page at:

    Now the site title and description disappeared. But there is a white section in upper right corner:

    Can I delete this blank section to extend the header image?


  7. @skyblueguy
    Sorry but I don't help with CSS editing. Please be patient while waiting for someone who does or for Staff to help you.

  8. To remove the header image and text as well as the right side search box from the Sight theme and add in your own custom header image, remove the CSS you were using for the header before and add this after replacing YOUR_IMAGE_URL with a link to an image you have uploaded to your media library that is sized to 975 x 150 pixels:

    .header-nav-search-container {
    	display: none;
    .site-header hgroup {
    	background: url(YOUR_IMAGE_URL) no-repeat;
    	width: 975px;
  9. Really thanks for your help.

    I think, the height of the image cannot be adjusted, right?

  10. The height can be adjusted. Just upload an image that's the height you want, and add a "height" rule to the ".site-header hgroup" block in the example above that matches your image's height.

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