Can I install new blog themes for hosted blogs?

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    I would probably get a new domain name for my blog this december.
    And my staff and I decided to like change the layout to appease our readers. The problem is that only self-supported blogs have the ability to like install blog themes.

    Is there a possibility or is it okay to install third party layouts for the blog?
    Or maybe themes that are available online that are for wordpress hosted blogs?

    We really want to have a new layout for the blog, is the upgrading the only way here?
    Don’t we get privileges for having a new domain name?

    I’m sorry if I sound dumb and all. But I wish there was something like that.


    Member only works with the available themes.



    No, there is no possibility of installing an external theme. If you know how to edit CSS and purchase the CSS upgrade (don’t buy it if you don’t know what you’re doing) you can edit existing themes and change images, backgrounds, fonts, column size, etc, but you cannot apply external themes.

    There are no themes available for WordPress.COM blogs other than the ones on your dashboard, under Appearances. External themes are for WordPress.ORG blogs.

    If you purchase an upgrade here, like the domain upgrade, it applies ONLY to exactly what it says it does. It doesn’t give the ability to add ads, edit themes, include javascript, etc.

    There are, I believe, 78 themes here now.



    thanks guys :)

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