Can i keep the same layout for my new blog?

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    Hi, i have two blog on wordpress. I really like very much the layout of the blog 1, I would like to restart on the same base for the blog 2. May I copy it? Can i duplicate the blog “on the path” and begin the new one? Thank’s for your answer and Best regards Maryline

    The blog I need help with is






    If your second blog is hosted on, even though Vostok, the theme you are using on “On the Path,” has been retired, you can find in your 2nd blog’s Dashboard under Appearance>Themes. Just activate it.


    Thank’s for your help. Sorry but when i put Vostok on research, they don’t find it… i just see the manyyyyy other possibility!?!! What can i activate?



    Ah, if your first blog is using a theme that’s been retired, you cannot use it. Pick something else. My understanding is that only blogs that have already used that theme can continue to use it.



    Not entirely correct. You can use a retired theme if your account/site was established prior to the theme being retired.

    Do not look at the Theme Showcase, but only in your site’s Dashboard>Appearance>Themes.


    Thank’s to all i will try!
    Best regards



    OK, after further checking and to be precise, site creation date is what determines whether a retired theme is available to you or not, not account creation date.

    In other words, if you recently created a new site, but it was after the date that a theme was retired, it won’t be available to you on the new site.

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