Can i know if someone has marked me as mature?

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    can i know if someone has marked me as mature? also does that mean i wont show up in the top blogs if im marked mature by someone? does edgy humor qualify as mature? ive been getting great hits recently but i still dont seem to make it to top blogs.i suspect foul play by someone who marked me as mature.



    If you ask I’ll tell.

    Your blog is not marked in any way. Top Blogs and how to get in there is not something we discuss, we never have. Too much info = people trying to game the system.



    I wasn’t asking about how to get into the top blogs, just that if i am marked as mature would i lose the opportunity to get there. but thank u very much for giving me the status about my blog. i only wanted to know for sure if someone had marked me as mature, that’s all. i fully enjoy the unsuspecting and incomprehensible way in which sometimes a handful of my posts get into the top posts :)



    aniche: another way to tell is if your username in the forums is not linked to your blog even if you have put the url in your profile, then it means you’ve been marked as mature by staff.



    thanks! i guess my doubt is resolved!



    I’m trying to figure out why I have all of a sudden disappeared when someone is tag surfing. I’ve posted a few things with curse words, but nothing that I would consider excessive and certainly nothing with sexual content. Can you tell me if was marked mature and if so, how I can go about getting the mature label removed? Thanks!



    I can see your blog on this tag page: so you’re not marked Mature.

    You might not be in tag surfer if you use the autopost feature, ie changing the timestamps. I’ve noticed when you use this, you don’t show up on the tag pages until you go in and edit the post later, whereupon you suddenly materialize on those pages. It’s very weird.


    Minibrad, You haven’t disappeared from tag pages, nor the categories. I see everything working fine. But I might not understand your question. is pointing to your page – is the wordpress tag page and you’re towards the top.

    I see you posted the same question twice in the forums- once in two separate threads. If a blogger shows up in the forums and they feel they have the answer to your question, they’ll reply or at least try to help, no worries.


    I’m having the same “not showing up in tag pages” problem and if there’s a few people having this same problem, maybe it’s some kind of system glitch.


    Oh, well, that’s why. May I ask why? I don’t think my content is exceptionally “mature” or even terribly explicit in nature, as I’ve made it a point to avoid imagery of the kind that would get, and aside from a couple crude text-based jokes I’ve kept it clean. It’s kind of insulting to the end-user to just mark a blog mature without informing the maintainer of the blog in question that the blog is, in fact, mature, and leaving them to pick up and sort through the aftermath.

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