Can I let people post comments without filling out email?

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    I hope people can post comments without filling out email.
    Because maybe there are some people they really want to give some comments but don’t want to fill out email.I think they should be allow to post comments, too.
    Is it possble?
    I try “Discussion Options”
    “Before a comment appears:”
    I cancel all the three choices: “An administrator must always approve the comment, Comment author must fill out name and e-mail, Comment author must have a previously approved comment”
    But after saving that change, people can’t post any comment.
    Is there any way to let people post comments without filling out email?



    Sorry I made a mistake.
    Now its resolved:)



    I have the the same problem.

    I am sure that imponing people filling out the e-mail field could discourage them posting a comment.

    But how let this field optionnal and not obligatory as it is the case at the moment ?



    This is not automatically obligatory at all. The blogger has the choice of setting this up or not. This is how and where -> Dashboard – > Options -> General Options

    Scroll down the page and take note of the Membership checkbox under the Language – uncheck it and click “update options”.

    Now the discussion above with regard to the Discussion page settings you choose to use comes into play. Happy Blogging!



    Could you add not only “not published” but also “optionnal” after the e-mail field in the comment form ?

    I guess that some people believing they must enter an e-mail address could be discouraged to post a comment.



    @spqr78 now has over 500,000 blogs. We are all working on a multi-user blogging platform MU and changes made can affect us all. When we ask for changes we have to think about the big picture. The designer made the theme to display what it displays now and it’s unlikely that this will change in the near future.
    Don’t forget that anyone can get a free throw away email account from yahoo or hotmail, etc. That means that no one is actually comment “disabled” unless they wish to be so.
    I have a contact box at the top of my sidebar in a text widget that tells readers their email addresses will not be published. Maybe this will work for you.
    I also remove pages of spam everyday from the Akismet filter and false positives are very rare. I wouldn’t dream of opening my comments and do without moderation because the comment boxes would be full of spam and troll posts.



    Yeah, we are on a shared environment, but you can add a text widget in your sidebar with text like “to comment on the posts, isn’t necessary enter an email address”. Remember the people could enter a fake email address anyway.



    Remember the people could enter a fake email address anyway.

    Yup, which is a royal pain. That’s the main reason why I made my main blog only account holders can comment now. Too many folks asking for help but not leaving any contact information. Lots of fun. NOT! :(

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