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Can I link a paypal account and shopping cart to my website

  1. I am trying to link a shopping cart and paypal account feature to my website. I am wondering if this is even possible using WordPress? Anyone try this before or know if its possible? Thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We can use the plain text version of the paypal donate button, but we cannot do shopping carts or e-commerce. In general, the only time it is alright to sell stuff from our websites here at wordpress.COM, is when the items are things we have actually made ourselves such as jewelery, paintings, pottery, etc.

    If you need to do e-commerce, you will have to self-host a blog using the software from wordpress.ORG at a third-party web host such as godaddy, bluehost, etc.

  3. Hi, Thesacredpath:
    When you say "items we have actually made ourselves such as jewelery, paintings, pottery, etc." does it include services we provide? Ex. Counseling, coaching, consulting, therapy, etc?

  4. You need to talk with staff about that and also review the terms of service and the the two documents below.

    Contact staff directly at .

  5. It generally does, but if the service involves products, eg Jenny Craig, nutrition supplements, etc, then it would be no. I've asked them myself and they've got no problem with my consulting and teaching stuff.

  6. And to your question in the other thread, the Buy It Now button is NOT possible.

  7. @Thesacredpath: Thanks for your prompt reply and for the info
    @Raincoaster: Ditto and one more question: If you can use the "Buy Now" button, how do yo request money from your consulting clients?

  8. You don't start work until they pay you 50% upfront. You shouldn't do that anyway.

    I do workshops frequently and insist that I be paid five days in advance, in full, so that I have time to transfer the money from the Paypal account to the bank. It's that simple. Every single time someone says "I'll bring you a cheque" they don't. Payment in advance is the only way.

  9. I read in various threads that I cannot advertise professional products and services from third parties but can promote my own ones.
    @Raincoaster: Thanks for your help and sorry to bother you again. I am a life coach who works over the Internet and has clients in different countries. I would like to add a PayPal button to my Blog in order to give them the opportunity to pay for their coaching sessions upfront.
    I am wondering if you have any sort of PayPal button in your Blog or you invoice your clients individually…

  10. I do have a Paypal button, which you can see at and I don't invoice them individually for workshops, but I do for consulting work. Like I said, 50% up front, 50% on delivery. At you have to use the Donation button, and you must be upfront about the amount they need to pay you, because the donation button doesn't link to any specific amount.

  11. Got it! Very kind :)

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