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Can I link from a thumbnail to an image, and from that to another image?

  1. I want a thumbnail to link to a screengrab of a newspaper cover (reduced), and when that comes up, I'd link it to link to the actual on page 3.
    Possible, please?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Margaret,

    It looks like you've already figured this out - I see that image does link directly to page 3 of the article now. Wonderful! Are you all set?

  3. No: this one I couldn't figure out, eurello.
    I wanted to have just one icon there, that would open up a .jpg of the front cover of the newspaper; and in turn that fron cover could be clicked on to link to the actual article (which was on another page).
    No matter: that was too complex, I think.
    I merely inserted one icon each for the cover and the article.
    Thanks for following up!

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