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Can I link one of my posts to another on my site?

  1. I write stories about a Kingdom in the medieval era and I cover different families. I know from looking at other non wordpress blogs some people are able to have a link at the bottom of their post which lets you go to the previous or next post. Is there a way of doing this and specifying what the next story is so that people can get there with just one click?

    Thank you for any help


  2. If you copy the url from one post and use it as a link in another (ie highlight the text, click on the link button that looks like a chain and paste text) it will show up in the comments.

  3. Usually it's built into the theme, but sometimes there's a bug where it goes missing.

  4. I tried using trackbacks but that didnt work at all.

  5. No, trackbacks won't work.

    Just put the link in like any other link, either at under the title or at the end. Next Chapter or something like that.

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