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Can I link to email?

  1. Can I do a link titled "Contact me" and have it go to my email address? I've tried several different ways, to no avail.

  2. Just for reference, please next time tell us what you have tried. Normally we can't help if you don't know what you've done. :)



  3. Keep in mind that doing this will have spammers pick up your email address which will flood your inbox with spam. You can try what I've done:

    That generates an image showing your email address which can't be picked up by spammers. Just make sure the file name of the image is something random and place the code in a widget.

  4. I wondered where those images came from! I've got spam up the wazoo & have just changed my email address to avoid it (and this time, didn't include a direct link) Too bad that image thing doesn't work for self-hosted email addresses.

  5. Can't you take a program like Paint and just make it a solid background with text, save as JPG and upload that? It should work.

  6. Yes, it does work too.

  7. OK - so I though about that. And then I wondered if the img source should link to the actual email adddress. If that is the case, won't the spammers still be able to get it?

  8. Vivian - Yup. Most spiders read teh address from the mailto portions of the tag, not the text that's displayed.

  9. OK, so the safest thing is to just put the address in the way I have it on my About page (with the spaces in it and not a direct link). That's fine. Too bad for folks who want to just click on an email address.

  10. I used to have an image with text written over it that was linked and clickable. What I endured was mountains of spam. nosy suggested her generator and I used it but also linked the image - mountains of spam. drmike suggested removing the link and I haven't had the same problem since.

  11. The issue with the image generator is for those readers who surf with text browsers. They don't see images. For that, best bet would be to put the address broken up like Vivian mentions into a alt or title tag for that image.

  12. Thanks - gottcha. :)

  13. I used an email obfuscator to generate something that spambots supposedly can't read and attached that to an image. It seems to be working so far.

  14. Is the generator thing I found okay? Because I've been telling others about it for a while now.I looked at the page source of my site and it doesn't show my email address though.

  15. I had my new email address on my blog for maybe one day (in the mailto format) and got a spam email to that address today. I may need to change it again.

    I'll give the email obfuscator thing a try.

  16. The email thingee wouldn't work for me.

  17. @nosy:
    I think you're fine. Like drmike mentioned, bots read from the mailto portion. If your address isn't visible (readable) in the page source, you should be covered.

    Sorry it's not working. Is the obfuscator not creating the code or did the code it produced not work on your blog?

  18. A couple of years ago, I wrote something similar to obfuscate email addresses. The only difference between the tool provided above and mine is that my encoder asks you for a text link.

    If you care, check it out.

  19. I really recommend the "displaying email address as an image" approach.

    Only real people contact you.

  20. @devblog:
    I wish I would have known about your encoder a couple months ago. I could just remove the text link part generated and attach the code to an image. I've bookmarked your tool and will use it the next time. Thanks!

    You posted while I was typing. I couldn't use the tool nosy suggested because my email addresses are through my domain. Is there an image generator I can use?

  21. @ecleticgeek
    I think I found one that will work for you here
    generator -
    blog article -

  22. TT,

    Now I'm thinking of linking my obfuscated code to that image. I know that defeats the whole purpose but the image generator you found is pretty cool. Thanks for finding it so quickly. :)

  23. Sorry it's not working. Is the obfuscator not creating the code or did the code it produced not work on your blog?

    The code didn't work. I tried to put it on my About page and it kept getting stripped out. I'm going to give that visual link thing a shot.

  24. To whoever is interested, I just updated my email encoder. It now supports conversion to ASCII Hexadecimal Numbers, so you now have two encoding types to choose from.

    You have the choice to just use the text link or replace it with the image generated with that great tool timethief found.


  25. @vivian:
    I owe you an apology. As soon as you said stripped, I realized I left the wrong link. I remember being frustrated because I couldn't get it to work. Ended up finding another obfuscator with a code that did work.

    Note to Mod: Please deactivate that "email obfuscator" link in one of my earlier comments. Thanks!

    I won't leave the other link because devblog's encoder does exactly the same thing and I plan on using it in the future. Make sure to use the "HEX (%70)" option and it will work fine. Sorry again for the confusion.

    Thanks for the update. Your tool will come in handy.

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