Can I link to the full size image from a ‘linked to page’ image?

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    Can I link to the full size image from this page, instead of the smaller version:

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Upload an image to the blog space
    2. Click on image in the upload toolbar.
    3. Choose “Linked to Page”
    4. Click Send to Editor.
    5. Save.
    6. View site.
    7. Select image thumbnail just uploaded.
    8. (Viewing image page) Click the image on the image page.
    9. Linked image is same size as the page image size.

    It would be kinda nice if the image you clicked on from a page view was full size. Drilling down from Thumbnail –> Page with scaled image –> Detail with full image.

    If you choose “link to image” instead, it goes to the full size image. I’d like this behavior from the linked to page image.



    I want to help you out But I seriously don’t understand you. You ask the question and post the steps yourself??

    And what do you mean by full image? Don’t you want the thumbnail.

    Try this, dunno what you really want

    <img src=”” alt=”Brown Paint Peter”>



    What edkraay is suggesting is that instead of just linking to just the picture, he wants the full sized picture to display within the blog template.

    That would not work as you would not know the actual size of the image to begin with. It may be too big for the template. We had about a two week discussion on this over a Gallery install over on my hosting. There’s no such thing as “full size” in Gallery. It always edits the picture to fit the template and a lot of my clients took exception to that. (Especially the ones who do wallpapers for download as they were unable to provide sizes like 1600 x 1200. They took a *LOT* of exception to that.)

    If you do feel strongly about that, you may want to go ahead and send in a feedback from your dashboard. Since this would be a change in the basic WordPress software, you may want to take a look at the Contributing to WordPress page over at It includes links to the mailing lists, the support forums and whatnot.

    Good luck,



    Thanks for the replies drmike and chronotron. Sorry if I was confusing in my post. drmike you did a good job parsing my post, except I actually would like to view the full size image outside of the template on the “third click”. So, the first click is the gallery page with thumbnails. The second click is the “linked to page” image, sized to fit the template. The third click would be the fullsize image viewed directly from the browser with no html markup. Since the image size seems to change to a template friendly size when you choose “link to page” from the image context menu, even if you submit the image tag that chronotron suggests, the image is much smaller than it would be if you chose “link to image”.

    I’d like hte behavior of the third click to be simiar to this “linked to image” option. It actually links directly to the .jpg, without any browser markup. The image is significantly larger, and my browser auto-fits it to my screensize. I’d just like this step when you click on the image inside the auto generated “linked to page” image, so I give viewers who are really interested extra detail. Does this make any sense?



    It does. You’re best bet though, since this would mean a change in the software, would be to take it up with the developers. It would mean a rewrite of the certain parts of the code.

    Good luck,

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