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Can I make a blog-post without an email update being sent to subscribers?

  1. underratedmovies

    Dear WordPress Admin.,

    Is there a way to make a post on my WordPress Blog without an email being sent out to my subscribers?

    The reason I ask is because sometimes I would like to make more posts on the blog (multiple posts in one day), but at the same time I do not want to send too many emails to my subscribers, which might cause them to unsubscribe.

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  2. underratedmovies

    Please... don't everyone answer all at once :-)

  3. thebirdingbunch

    What you can do is schedule them out. When I have time I will work on several in one sitting and change the date for a future time.

    You would make this change in the box on the top right labelled, Publish. When you start a post, it will say, Publish immediately with an Edit button next to it. Click on that and you can change it to what ever date and even the time. And make sure you click OK. I've forgotten a time or two and the posts published immediately.

    They really need to allow us to post without sending emails out because I have wanted to backdate posts for various reasons, but even so, the post still have an email notification. But in your case, you want your readers notified, just not all at once.

  4. underratedmovies

    Thanks. I do appreciate the help...

  5. You're welcome from me.

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