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can i make a photo gallery in my blog??

  1. can i make a photo gallery in my blog??

    also tell--how can make no of comment visible>??

    can anybody be a member of blog??


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please don't use the Questions forum to promote visits to your blog: that's what the Showcase forum is for.

    You can't make a traditional photo gallery, but you can use Monotone or Duotone themes, which have Archive pages which are gallery-like.

    Most themes will display the number of comments, but they will not display the comments themselves on the front page of the blogs; no themes here will do that.

    To be able to contribute to a blog, users need to be Invited by you. But if you've set your comments options properly, anyone can comment.

  3. d u know anyyy short way of getting traffic on blogs

  4. Yes, hundreds of ways. I've posted them in this forum over the past four years, and there are currently over a thousand tips. Just do a search and start reading; you'll find plenty of stuff to keep you busy.

  5. i dont have dat much time...just tell me the best ways

  6. Start by clicking on the "traffic" tag I just added to your thread and reading the posts there.

    Also here and if you are very new to you may be wanting to read

  7. What makes you think I have more time than you do? Pay me my consulting rate of $150 an hour and I'll MAKE time for you. Otherwise, you can use the search just as well as I can.

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