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Can I Make All Tags Appear in the Tag Cloud?

  1. I have 33 total tags, but only 26 are showing up in the tag cloud. Is there any way I can make them all show up? I am using rounded theme.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. These are all the tags used in your published posts:

    3 stars
    4 stars
    5 stars
    bad boy
    body snatchers
    ice princess
    isn't it romantic
    jessica park
    kristin hannah
    must read
    sarah ockler
    simone elkeles
    steamy sexy
    stephenie meyer

    They're 26, not 33, so the TG widget is displaying all of them.

    But note that the widget does have a limit: it displays up to 45 tags (when you have more than 45, it'll display the 45 most used ones).

    On another issue: Don't use the same word as both a tag and a category. For search engines and for the global WP tag pages they are exactly the same thing, so there's no point duplicating them, plus you'll run into technical problems when you do that.

  3. I actually already knew the tags that were showing. As I said in my original post, I have 33 total tags, but only 26 are showing.

    It occurs to me now, however, that those other 7 haven't been added to posts yet, I just added them to the tag list, just to have them ready to go.

    Is there no way to use more than 45 tags?

  4. I wrote "These are all the tags used in your published posts". This means that
    a) the tags I pasted above were taken from the metadata of your posts, not from the tag cloud;
    b) the tag cloud displays tags from published posts only. Clicking on a tag in the tag cloud takes you to the posts that use that tag, so there's absolutely no point displaying a tag you haven't used yet.

    "Is there no way to use more than 45 tags?"
    You can use as many tags as you like.

  5. If you want more than 45 to show, add categories instead of tags: the Category widget displays all your categories, and the Category Clod widget displays as many as you tell it to.

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