Can I make Categories 1 and Categories 2 different?

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    I created a blog yesterday and I’m still trying to figure stuff out. How do I make Categories 1 and 2 on my widget list have different sub categories on them?

    Here is a picture.



    just to let you know that url is not working…



    The answer to your question is “no”. All Categories widgets appear to be “clones” with identical content.



    This separate categories thing seems to be an ongoing problem. I really wish it was solved. It would be a nice solution to blogs with big category lists. Was it the case that it works in some themes?



    Nope. It just doesn’t work as far as we can tell.



    Some bloggers may consider the multiple category widgets that all produce clones to be perplexing. What useful purpose does of creation of category widget clones serve? I blogged it here

    However, if it is considered to be a “problem” from the viewpoint of staff then we have received no indication of this.


    yes, i have the same problem as well..for example i wish to have 2 types of categories 1)food (2) company ….in the first category, i would like to add subcategories which are a) breakfast (b)lunch (c)dinner…in the second category, i would like to add subcategories (a) about company (b)committee (c) financial

    if u already have the solution to this problem, could you tell me about it? thank you..



    There’s no solution using separate widgets (no widget to separate “food” and “company”, for instance) but if you go to Dashboard > Manage > Categories you can click edit and assign some to category parents. That means it will give your categories an order in your sidebar like Food > Lunch > Dinner. That’s probably the closest to what you want to do. Hope that helps.


    Looking at the timeline on this categories thing, it would be great if it was resolved!


    Further to the above, the only solution I’ve had so far is to use CAPS, as in It isn’t elegant, but at least it separates things more or less as I want them and provides a visual difference if nothing else. In this case, I’ve separated, say, ‘PAINTINGS’ from ‘juan lobillo’, for instance. The categories and ‘sub-categories’ still come up alphabetically, which still makes them kind of random. It would be so great if we could use the Category widgets as I thought they were intended. Otherwise, why do we get so many Category widgets under Options? They all come up as clones of each other, right? Or is it just me?


    i wanted to have one widget with “contributors” and another with “Categories” – yes, of course the names are different but then there are the clones. why arent wordpress staffers on these forums answering questions (or FIXING) this really obvious error.



    WP staffers don’t usually answer questions in the forums. They are aware of the situation and that people want it changed; if you want to add your voice to the others, contact Support from your dashboard during their office hours.


    It’s been “broke” for quite a while.


    By creating blogroll ‘categories’ I managed to get what I wanted: to separate the type of art from the people doing it. I had to link each one separately to the post it belonged to. It took a lot of time, but them I’m slow anyway.
    The site’s ( changed since my last post here.

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