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Can I make my new wprdpress blog look like my existing website?

  1. Can I?

  2. What's your existing website? If you upgrade to editing CSS, and have some kind of a handle on that, you can take the Sandbox theme and go wild, baby. You can also try before you buy. Go to Presentation in your Dashboard and click Edit CSS.

  3. Might help us help you if you gave a link to the website you're talking about. :)

    You might want to take a look at the Edit CSS option. That's probably the best you're going to do here. You may want to download the software from and install it onto your site. That way you are free to modify it anyway you want to.


    Thanks for all the help on this folks. Please reply with any comments on how I should do this

  5. @drmike: 1st response! w00t! (Kidding) I've been avoiding real work by answering these forum questions when I can. I'll get back to that now, promise!

  6. What do you guys think?

  7. 1. Does it have to look EXACTLY like that? If you want the really easy way out, choose a theme that looks similar to this, like Regulus, Andreas09, Connections or Contempt, load in your own custom header, and tweak the widgets (under presentation) to suit your needs. I did this with another blog, (the site is in Finnish. I am not advertising for traffic here).

    2. Otherwise, to get any theme you want (there are thousands) you'll have to install WordPress on your own server, which means setting up a MySQL table, and putting the files in the folder of your page after you've changed the config file with your info. It's much easier than it sounds, but if it makes you feel squeamish, I'd go with option 1. Otherwise, jump in and do as drmike says, go check out for more info.

    If you don't know any CSS at all, and you're in a hurry, I think the second option is easier than trying to learn CSS and immediately apply it to a project like this.

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