Can I make the header bigger for Thirteen theme?

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    I have a private blog with an extra long title. I’m using the Thirteen theme. Is there a way to make the title space bigger to accommodate my longer blog title?



    These are the themes that have custom header images and the sizes for them >

    Do you gave the CSS upgrade?



    Arrgghh! I meant to type: Do you have the CSS editing upgrade?


    No, I do not. I’m guessing since the Thirteen theme isn’t on that list, I’m stuck? I was just using the default theme and the title fit fine (it is *very* long), but then I went poking around in themes and found one I really liked. Is there no other way?


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    You can use this code to place a linkable image over the existing header ot Thirteen:

    <div align="center" style="width:100%;top:-376px;left:-17px;position:relative;">
    <a href=""><img src="LINK_TO_YOUR_IMAGE_HEREf"></a>

    Make your image as a gif:
    gif size 740px by 71px


    Ok. I purchased the CSS editing upgrade and when I edit the CSS all of the graphics vanish. I copied the original Thirteen CSS and saved it as a new CSS. That is where I lost the images. I don’t see how I can edit the existing CSS but I do see that I can add to it.



    I kind of figured that out by playing around and I can used the #header height to make the text visible but it didn’t carry the background through the height. I used repeat-y but that just overwrote the body without shifting the body down. I will have to look further but if you are familiar with Thirteen’s CSS that would be great.



    Moving to CSS forum.



    Thanks hewsut. :)

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