can i map a ".se" sub domain to my blog?

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    it appears you can only map “.com, .org.” etc…. ?
    hopefully, anyone will know and be ready to help me?
    thank you!

    The blog I need help with is



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    Just let me know the subdomain you’d like to map and I’ll add the proper zone record for you so you can go ahead. Thanks.


    Thanks! I want to start a blog under The DNS from my domain is already configured to that address, to be hosted under wordpress.
    Thank you for your help



    I added a new DNS Zone record for your domain. This change may take a little while to be fully effective. Could you give it some time then try updating the name servers again?

    You can go to Store > Domains on your blog’s dashboard and follow the steps there.

    Please take a look at the following guide before going through the process.

    Let us know if you need any help.


    Hi again. Seems, I am too clueless…. I have now tried to create a blog with the name, but that won’t work. What am I doing wrong? Or rather: how do I get my blog
    up and running via wordpress?
    Thank your for helping,



    Mapping a subdomain is a little different to mapping an entire domain. Full instructions are here:

    Basically you don’t point the name servers to, you add a CNAME entry for your domain. If you have a blog and you want it to appear as you would add

    CNAME blog

    Then you go to your dashboard on and from the store map to the domain



    We see you received a suggestion from ‘Tandava’ on how to sort this out. Just let us know if you still need help.

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