Can I mass delete all comments?

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    I want to delete all comments, but it only lets me bulk delete 100 at a time. If I choose to view more than 100 comments at a time, select all, and move to trash, I get an error saying the request is too large. I have 6,100 comments I have to delete. Do I really have to click “move to trash” and wait for the page to load 61 times?


    The blog I need help with is


    100 is the limit on the page display. You will have to do it 100 at a time.



    On certain themes, if you set it to disallow comments on your Settings->Discussion, it used to delete or at least hide all the comments. You could try that first. Sorry, I don’t know which themes, we just got reports of this a few times. And staff may have changed it in the last year.



    No worries. It isn’t the end of the world to do it 100 at a time. My theme doesn’t auto-hide the comments when you disable commenting :/


    It doesn’t on any theme. The setting at settings > discussion would only apply to new comments from the time it was changed.



    No, I’m pretty sure I do remember someone who lost all comments on their blog when they changed it. They were pissed off! But that was probably three years ago now.

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