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Can I modify the theme?

  1. I want to chage a little to the current theme, can I do it? I did not find the entry to modify the template....

  2. To better clarify, while there are now some themes that offer some minimal customization, and more are on the way, the answer is no.

    If you want the ability to tweak and customize, then download the free full version of WordPress and install it on a hosted site, or pay for a hosted site that already features the full version of WordPress. Then you can play to your heart's content.

  3. @lorelle: if you don't think the FAQ explanation is clear enough you should probably contact Matt direct and ask him to edit it. It'll save time in the long run. :)

  4. Actually it would be better if matt and "the boys/girls" would make the limitations of a much more prominent feature of the sign up page.

    It's been suggested via "feedback" along with not burying the FAQ's link on each blog so it takes the eye of a hawk to see it.

    With all the same type of "can I add this" type questions one would think a higher priority would be assigned to those two simple tasks.

    And dare I say it.. ya what the hell, all matt can do is toss me off.

    It almost makes me think these two deficiencies are overlooked in an effort to entice people to sign up and not scare them away by offering the limitations in plain view.

    There I said it, now toss me and my sorry blog off. Or better yet fix the problem.

  5. Security, customizability, speed --- pick two. :)

    If it was easy it would be done already.

  6. I'm still looking for an AUP myself.....

    Seriously, I'm looking. While I know better than to include links to my businesses, I'm wondering about some of the more adult stories I've written over the years and if they would be allowed.


  7. Actually, there has been a long running "rule" around the WordPress Forums that a link isn't good enough and that some kind of explanation is MORE than appreciated by the user seeking help. The FAQ is clear enough, the answer wasn't.

    The WordPress Support community has a long standing reputation for quality support and we like giving good, complete answers when we can. Builds a wonderful reference for those who do search before asking, helping everyone.

    Welcome to the club. ;-)

    I'm also working on a helpful page about on the Codex. Stay tuned.

  8. If the OP hadn't been happy with the answer given I'm pretty sure they would have been back to demand more detail. I get the distinct feeling your agenda in posting to this thread is about stamping your authority on the .com forums the same way you have in other branches of support.

    I guess that's fair enough, since the Codex was going nowhere fast before you took over, but it might have been diplomatic to hang around here for a few weeks and help out a bit more before you started telling other volunteers what to do. Marc's been doing a decent job of handling queries here for the past few weeks, and I seem to have missed your posts during that time :)

  9. Funny, I was beginning to feel the same way.

    And If I ever caught one of my techs making such a statement publicly towards a volenteer who has gone out of their way with posting a reply when they didn't have to, I'd be short one tech.

    And I see a few of your posts where all you've done is point at a link and say read it. If you're going to call someone on a "rule," you better be following it yourself.


  10. How about just letting us change the banner image? :(

  11. Unfortunely that theme author never wrote in any method of changing the banner image when they wrote the theme. Some themes allow it but this one doesn't.

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