Can I move a blog without import/export…. ?

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    I didn’t really understand about the naming of my blog. I wish to use the current blog’s name (which is for different content, having to do with professional and personal issues, and put the material in that blog (4 posts) in one which has the actual name of the blog (Straight on till Morning). Can I do this by just cut and pasting the materials from one blog site to another if I can get my new blog name approved without the import/export operation? My current blog is just simple text.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


    You can copy and paste posts from one blog into another, certainly (the easiest way is via the text tab (as opposed to the Visual tab) in the post editor, which grabs the HTML.

    However, I just tried to find out if your chosen URL (web address) is available, and it isn’t. So you’ll either have to think of a different name or some other spelling of it. I tried with both and

    One is in use, the other was in use and has been deleted – and blog URLs here on can never be re-used.


    You were right about the specific names, which I didn’t check until after I asked the question. Thanks for that and for the other advice. I am somewhat new to this.


    It takes a while to learn how to use this site. This should help:


    Thanks again. I really need some help… my one question masks many others, as you probably guessed.


    Yes, I understand that. I’ve got a page on my blog in which, further down the page I explain how to use the forums and support pages to the best advantage and how to find your solutions more easily. I think it would benefit you to read it as then, when you ask for help you’ll at least know how to do that:

    It also gives advice about contacting staff should you need to. (I’m not staff, just a volunteer. Forum questions here are mostly responded to by volunteers.)


    Thanks so much. You are very kind to provide me with these resources. Frankly, I looked for some but never felt comfortable with what I found. I now feel I am much more in the right direction.

    One of my current questions (which may be in your resources)- is how to use tags. It seems like they give me the tags and I click on them. Can I add my own tags? Believe it or not, I also find categories confusing.

    I will be going into your resources over the next week. Anyway, I feel like someone sent me a lifesaver.


    I’m going to just show you how to find the info you want, because really at this stage, if you ask us everything, two things will happen:
    1. you will not learn
    2. we will be answering questions you could find the answers to, yourself.

    So, go to this page:

    in the search box at the top right, type a keyword or words that have to do with what you’re asking about. In this case, type ‘tags’ (without the quotes).

    A page will come up offering you links to a variety of pages. Click on any that seem relevant to you. If the one you go to doesn’t help, then try the next and so on.

    Gradually, you will find the help you need.


    As a teeny, tiny bird who has been richly fed in the nest, I will now fly out and see if I can find some worms myself. Thanks.

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